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Modular mixer installation: se…

Dinnissen has recently built a complete mixing plant for a German client, which includes six bulk bag unloading stations for the raw materials. The installation was intended for their new plant in Asi…   Read more

Largest infant food plant in E…

The largest plant for infant food in Europe, was recently put into operation in central Brittany, France. The plant has a capacity of 100,000 tonnes/year. In addition to the drying towers, the heart o…   Read more

Dinnissen is developing by a m…

Dinnissen has broadened the deployability of its mixers, thanks to a mix of innovations. The mixers have been further improved in several areas, and, moreover, they explicitly consider the role o…   Read more

Dinnissen’s vision of the futu…

Dinnissen’s vision of the future: To reduce failure costs using virtual reality and plant simulation. A number of engineers from Dinnissen Process Technology are investigating the us…   Read more

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Bulk Solids and Process Technology

With over 175 permanent employees and an extensive network of agents all over the world, Dinnissen is a global player in the feed, food, pharma and chemical sectors. We are always looking for new and innovative solutions for complete processes, system integrations or standard products – many of which we develop, test and produce in-house!

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