About us

Seven forces of Dinnissen

1  More than 65 years of experience

Over 65 years of experience in bulk handling and solids processing for the food, feed, pharma and chemical industries.

2  Your products and/or processes tested beforehand

Your products and/or processes tested beforehand on our machines, guaranteeing optimum results.

3  In-house development and manufacturing

Our products and custom-made solutions are developed, tested, manufactured and installed by our own people, providing you the best possible assurance in terms of quality and delivery time.

4  We take care of your entire process

Product intake, transport & handling, feeding, weighing, mixing & processing, milling, sifting and packaging: your entire process chain is in good hands at Dinnissen.

5  Integrated approach for dealing with complex challenges
When dealing with complex challenges, we start by putting together a project team of our most experienced specialists. By working together as a team from day one, we can solve even the most difficult challenges.

6  Service and warranty all over the world in your vicinity

A global network of reliable dealers and agents guarantees you fast and accessible service wherever you are.

7  In-house service department

Our in-house service department helps prevent problems and resolves any issues that may arise quickly and efficiently.

About Dinnissen

Dinnissen Process Technology offers you a unique mix of expertise plus contracting and manufacturing facilities: from a stand-alone machine to a complete turnkey system, from pre-engineering to project management, and from design to assembly to start-up. Our one-stop shopping concept enables us to operate independently of third-party suppliers. Our extensive international network ensures that we can deliver anywhere in the world.

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